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2in1 Postpartum Body Recovery Belt

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  • 2 in 1 body recovery belt includes waist belt and pelvis wrap. The waist belt aims at flattening the tummy, restore uterus to its original size, and support Lumbar muscle; The pelvis wrap helps to speed up the contraction of the pelvis, and preventing internal organs and skin from sagging, c-section belly band speed healing, makes your uterus return to its original size sooner


  • It provide Back Support and Improve Posture: With build-in boning, provides on the back that allow this post C section girdle to help with the lower back pain, provide core muscles support and remind you to use proper posture.


  • It's material is made of 100% cotton, which is breathable and has the sweat-absorbent properties, hence gives you more comfortable experience


  • It provides flexibility in adjusting the pressure according individual needs. The stretch belt provides additional support and compression.


  • The belt is suitable for postpartum, hence is is a great gift for new mom who has either natural birth or c-section; it is also suitable for those who went through abdominal surgery and ventral hernia recover; the belt help to relieve sacroiliac pain


  • Please seek doctor's advice before using the belt. It is recommended to use after  8 weeks of delivery. When wearing our belt, it is recommended to attach the 3 closures from the bottom up to reduce the pressure on the uterus and pelvic cavity. The additional Velcro belt allows the adjustment of desire tightness or apply pressure to different belly positions; Then put on the pelvic belt

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